Glitter, Guitar Shredding, Oh My, Luna Li Show Off Their "Star Stuff"

The Toronto rock group's new video may also be an homage to Feist's "1234."
May 29, 2017, 2:13pm
Image via video

Luna Li's Hannah Bussiere has a low, entrancing voice, not unlike Nancy Sinatra's. Her vocals are commanding over sharp guitar licks and swirling synths in the Toronto-based pop-rock outfit. While Luna Li has a sound and presence we've been privy to before, Bussiere, along with bandmates Charise Aragosa, Hallie Switzer, and Braden Sauder, are fairly fresh in the scene. That freshness and easy sense of freedom—a naivete that is not blissfully ignorant but more a state of being and a mindset—is apparent in the video for their song "Star Stuff."


Perhaps uncoincidentally an homage to Feist's "1234", "Star Stuff" features Bussiere in a cobalt blue jumpsuit dancing with several other women. Unlike "1234", the dancers stay in one spot with glitter thrown about under colourful lights that change with the beat. Band member Charise Aragosa who choreographed the moves in the video has also danced for local legend and favourite Maylee Todd. The video was directed by band member Hallie Switzer.

What makes the song and video so consuming is that it sincerely exhibits a sense of optimism and innocence amid Bussiere's huskier vocals. Speaking about the track's meaning to Noisey, Bussiere says, "The lyrics were kind of birthed out of a negative experience, but they started to take a more positive turn as the song became more about being confident and taking pride in who I am. The 'we're all made of star stuff" part at the end speaks to the fact [that] regardless of any factor like skin colour, we are all beautiful and not that different."

Watch the video below:

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