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Man Dumped by Girlfriend Smashes His Yaris into Porsche Dealership

Well, that’s one way to handle heartbreak I suppose.
The Porsche dealership in east Toronto.
Photo via Facebook.

This article originally appeared on VICE Canada.

When a certain type of man gets dumped they tend to head to a Porsche dealership and make up for their broken heart by purchasing some good ol’ German horsepower—but not one Toronto man.

Rakhmatullo Sotvoldiyev, a 20-year-old Toronto man, decided to utilize a Porsche dealership in his post-breakup hysterics but instead of buying a new sports car/metaphorical dick, he allegedly smashed his Yaris (yes, a Yaris) into the dealership and graffitied the luxury cars to honor his former lover.


Late Monday night, police responded to a call that a man had driven a car into a Porsche dealership in east Toronto. The thing is, of all the dealerships to drive your car into, buddy picked the worst because there is a police division headquarters right across the street from it.

Staff Sgt. Dan Hoffmeyer told the Toronto Star that, “I think our front desk people who were here, they actually heard it as well.” After hearing the tune of a high-mileage sedan smashing a bunch of glass windows and bouncing off a $75,000 car, cops made their way across the street to find that a Toyota Yaris had joined the showroom floor Porsches and a heartbroken man scrawling graffiti on the notoriously expensive vehicles. Police say the Yaris was recently purchased.

“It seems to be motivated by his recent relationship breakup,” Hoffmeyer told the Star. “After he drove in, he exited his vehicle and did some graffiti on some Porsches he didn’t hit. Some of the graffiti he put on cars was in relation to that. ‘I’ll show you’—I don’t know what he intended to show this person.”

After getting his Yaris stuck in the dealership the man, according to City News, decided to show off that reliable Toyota power and spin the tires till they were smokin’ and squealin’. The man continued to do this until the showroom was filled with smoke. Then—not all that dissimilar to Batman—he exited into the smoke and started tagging the cars around him with a permanent marker. We may have gotten a hint at the identity of the man’s former lover as he wrote “Eve” down on one of the cars. When an employee asked him why he was, you know, doing this wild shit, he apparently said he was “having a bad day,” according to City News.


Photos posted of the crash online by freelance photojournalist Victor Biro show the gold Toyota Yaris sitting on a sea of broken glass halfway inside the dealership. The car has its hood popped and is sitting perpendicular to a blue Porsche coup. In total, the man damaged three of the vehicles, photos posted by a CBC journalist show he smashed up the back end the blue coup that the Yaris came to rest near.

Police told the Star that the damage the dealership received was hefty and could be as high as $100,000 [$75,202 USD]—most of the damage coming from the cars, not the dealership. Police told the Star that the car the man used was bought recently and that they don’t believe he was attempting to slam it into the dealership—he just made the most of it when it happened.

Sotvoldiyev is in police custody and will be facing charges of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and mischief causing damage over $5,000 [$3,760].

Men, amirite?

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