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There's Actually an Ally Billboard from 'A Star Is Born' in LA Now

And it's in the same location, in real life, as it was in the film.
Ally billboard
Photo by Harry Cheadle

Lady Gaga fans rejoice, the Ally—Gaga's character from A Star is Born—billboard in Los Angeles is real. In A Star is Born, the bright billboard is erected to advertise Ally's SNL performance. In the film, the moment is meant to symbolize Ally's full embrace of pop and celebrity. The real life version is in the same location as it was in the film—in front of the famous Chateau Marmont on the Sunset Strip—though it's lower, at ground level.


This billboard has gone up just days before the Golden Globes on January 6. A Star is Born has numerous nominations: Lady Gaga is nominated for best actress in a motion picture drama, Bradley Cooper is nominated for best actor and best director, "Shallow" is nominated for best original song, and the film itself is nominated for best motion picture drama.

Ally billboard

Photo by Harry Cheadle

The billboard has gone viral, thanks to Lady Gaga fan accounts that tweeted pictures on Thursday. Fans speculated that the billboard might not be real—a product of photoshop—citing the popularity of the billboard as an LGBTQ+ meme in October. But it's really there, in all of its referential glory. Some memes do come true.

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