You’re All Following Henry Rollins’ Manager’s Instagram Account, Right?

Please follow this glorious account of music's notoriously angry man letting his guard down, if you're not already doing so.
With a pen up his nose, Henry Rollins.

There are fewer and fewer places on the internet to find pure, unbridled joy. Once an escape haven for cats haz-ing cheezburgers and dramatic chipmunks, the internet has devolved into nothing more than a humorless reflection of our IRL cesspool of a world. Wholesome memes have been replaced by violent political arguments about our increasingly doomed planet. Even the Twitter puppers we once praised as good dogs have been trained to sniff out racism. So, when we stumble upon those beautiful relics left over from a simpler time, we must latch onto them and celebrate them by shouting them from the heavens. That said, are you all following the Instagram account Henry Rollins shares with his manager, Heidi May? If not, stop what you’re doing and follow it.


The account was borne out of the podcast Rollins and May host together, which is good in its own right, but podcasts lack visuals, of course, making the Instagram account an essential companion. The beauty of the account is that for perhaps the first time, Rollins’ fans see him dropping the toughguy facade he’s developed over the years through his music and books. Rollins, the former Black Flag singer turned actor who plays a military strongman or cop in every movie, lets his guard down and throws away the humorless air about himself. (The unstoppable force/immovable object dynamic of his infamous Nardwuar interview comes to mind.) And while his spoken word specials have shown him loosening up a bit, it is nothing compared to what happens on the freewheeling Instagram account, which offers a glimpse into the life of the 57-year-old as he hams it up and acts downright silly for May.

While Rollins doesn’t have his own official Instagram account (he explains why in this video), seeing him through the eyes of May is an even better substitute. Here are some essential posts from the account. Let their simplicity bless your timeline today.

First, here is the best video in the entire account. No words are said. Just Henry losing a food fight and squealing with his face covered in peanut butter. This is art. Hang this in the Louvre.

Here is Henry giddy about being gifted a box of peanut brittle, which simultaneously makes him both nine years old and 90 years old:


One time, Henry got a real fucked up haircut and it didn’t seem to bother him at all:

Another time, Henry stuck a USB drive up his nose for some reason:

A running theme on the account is the two driving around Los Angeles together. Sometimes, Henry loses his mind in traffic, sometimes he scares the hell out of Heidi, and sometimes they go to the car wash:

Another running theme is the two dancing to records. Here’s Henry dancing to Dinosaur Jr.:

And Isaac Hayes:

And of course Iggy Pop:

One time, Henry’s upside-down mouth, “Chinry Rollins,” promoted his new book:

In this very short clip, Heidi colors in Henry’s tattoos:

And lastly, the best encapsulation of the relationship between the two: Henry finding a hypodermic needle on the street and Heidi scolding him like a child to throw it away:

God bless this account, possibly the last thing on the internet untainted by the horrors of the world.