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Jaden Smith Is the New Bruce Wayne in "Batman"

Jaden is the caped crusader in a new video.

Jaden Smith has been known to operate under his own set of rules, whether that be with his philosophy or fashion. At this year's Met Gala, the teen star showed up clutching his cut off dreads as an accessory. Before that, he went to his prom dressed up in an all white Batman-like suit. Today, Jaden reintroduced himself as the new Bruce Wayne in with his "Batman" video. In the Moises Arias-directed clip, he avoids inquiries on whether or not he is the caped crusader.


While he sits, Frank Ocean's Boys Don't Cry zine is conveniently placed on his table. At other points, his looks over the LA skyline in his white Batman suit before hitting the town to engage with locals. The song itself feels like a cover of Drake and Future's "Jumpman." But who cares? It's Jaden jumping around in a fly Batman suit. Watch the video above.

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