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Cubs are Selling Dead Leaves for $200

The dead leaves have been authenticated with holograms.

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series last year for the first time in, like, a decade or something. Kudos to them; it was an exciting seven-game affair with a dramatic late-inning rain delay in the clinching game. To celebrate, they've raced out to a 32-32 start, and find themselves behind the Milwaukee Brewers in second in the NL Central. Also, to celebrate, they are selling dead leaves.

Darren Rovell has the goods on this and, if you can believe it, they are ridiculous. After the famous ivy turned red, died, and fell off the outfield wall at Wrigley Field, the Cubs scooped up the leaves—remarkably there are exactly 2016 leaves on the wall—and authenticated the detritus with official MLB holograms.

Actual sentences that now exist in the world, ahead:

The team emailed corporate partners and season ticket holders on Tuesday offering the Ivy leaves that cover Wrigley Field's outfield walls from the 2016 season. Typically discarded when the ivy turns to red and sheds its leaves in November, the team, after the 2016 historic season, instead chose to collect the leaves for the first time and have them each authenticated with a hologram.

Each leaf costs $200 each plus $15 shipping. The Cubs note that each fan can order up to 10 leaves and that the total leaves collected total 2,016.

The ivy is an iconic and unique part of Cubs fandom, there is no doubt about that, but I would love to hear a Chicago fan's rationalization for spending $200 on a leaf that can't even fucking produce oxygen anymore and paying $15 to have it mailed to you.