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Casper Skulls Blow Up Capitalism For Their “Caught on a Wire” Performance

The Ontario rockers sing, “I’m a button pusher in a long line of profits” during an Audiotree North session

This article has been made possible by Audiotree North

Casper Skulls is a band from Ontario’s Greater Sudbury area, and they make poetic art rock that shakes you like a shock from an exposed high amp line. The group stands out for touching themes like relationships, politics, death and grief, as on their most excellent 2017 Mercy Works LP. But mostly they just make damn good melodic rock and roll. Consisting of Neil Bednis, Fraser McClean, Melanie Gail St-Pierre and Chris Anthony, their latest release is a live session of their song “Caught on a Wire,” produced by The Audiotree North at Toronto’s Longboat Hall. Audiotree makes these intimate live music experiences, as well as documentaries and interviews. “Caught on a Wire” comes come from Casper Skulls 2016 Lips & Skull EP. “I’m a button pusher in a long line of profits,” singer Neil Bednis relates.

“‘Caught On A Wire’ is by far our most lively song,” Bednis wrote to Noisey, “We wanted to document a good live version of this older song before our Mercy Works LP was released. The Audiotree crew did a great job of capturing the energy of the performance and creating a cool atmosphere with the lights. I'm really glad they were able to come to Toronto and document some of the bands that operate here, especially in such a beautiful space like Longboat Hall.”

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