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This Footage of New York's Flooded Subways Is Absolutely Insane

Taking the train was a nightmare this morning, thanks to a massive rainstorm.
Screenshot via Twitter users @jeremymbarr, @joshguild, and @marcusmabry

If you thought the New York subway system's derailments, delays, and dead corpses made it a complete and utter hellscape before, think again. Things have somehow managed to get even worse!

After a tortuously nice weekend of 80-degree weather and some actual, desperately needed sunshine, a massive rainstorm swept into NYC on Monday, obliterating any modicum of happiness that may have attempted to set in. The storm dumped a torrent of water on the city, immediately unleashing a biblical-level flood on the underground subways. It was, to put it mildly, extremely fucked.



Spring has sprung!

But lo, at least a few New Yorkers were strong enough to soldier on, stayed by neither rain nor gloom of morning or whatever.

Cynthia Nixon, for the love of God, save us from this rain-soaked subway nightmare. You've got your work cut out for you.

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