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Zayn Dishes On "Let Me" and His Upcoming Album in a New Interview

The ex-One Direction called up Beats1 earlier today for a catch up.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
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He's a man of few words, but what former One Direction star Zayn Malik may lack in chattiness, he makes up for with those damn buttery soft vocals. Last week saw Zayn release a new single, "Let Me" in the run up to a brand new album, his second as a solo artist, and today he swung by Beats 1, via telephone, to chat about it. Of the process of putting "Let Me" together, he said: "We kinda just came up with idea about seven or eight months ago. We really liked it. We'd been working on the production throughout the year. We're really happy with the way it sounds."


He then gave a little more away about his next album, for which a title or release date has not yet been announced, divulging "It's all very like, under wraps at the minute. I'm trying to keep it as mysterious as possible but there's a plan with the rollout. It's going to be different to anything anyone has done before, I don't think anyone has done it this way. So it's going to be interesting to see how the audience react to this kind of release, but I wanted to try something different."

How intriguing. Listen to a couple clips below:

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