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Vegan Man Doxxes Vegan Woman for Giving Dairy Ice Cream to Crying Child

The world is a vampire.
Photo via Flickr user Cassia Noelle

It seems like the phrase “DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT” has been shelved for a few months, maybe since Hillary Clinton tweeted it in then-presidential-candidate Donald Trump’s direction. But we’re ready to dust those words off and bring them back, all because of some guy named Anthony Dagher.

On Saturday, vegan blogger Zara-Anne Borrelli tweeted about seeing a girl who was crying on the sidewalk because she didn’t have enough change for the ice cream truck on their street. Because there’s nothing sadder or more pure than a little kid crying about ice cream, Borrelli gave her some money so she could get herself a cone “with sauce, sprinkles and a flake.” It was a sweet, simple gesture that undoubtedly made the little girl’s day.


Dagher decided to take a giant vegan shit on this entire scenario. The 25-year-old self-described “non-spiritual vegan” DM-ed Borrelli to ask her if the ice cream truck sold vegan treats because, if not, then she was obviously a monster. “Wanting to help others is of course great, but we should of course be helping them without basically harming and killing non-human babies, which buying non-vegan ice cream basically does,” he wrote.

“I bought a kid an ice cream it isn’t that deep fam,” she responded.

After Dagher sent another antagonistic message about her “severe mistake,” she blocked him. (An internet rando mansplaining the potential ethical problems with ice cream to a 22-year-old woman just might be Peak 2018). Instead of dropping the issue and stepping away from his computer, Dagher decided the best course of action would be to try to humiliate Borrelli online, by posting screenshots of their exchange and of her Instagram account, which was in no way related to any of this.

“I usually do not do this, but I feel like this is appropriate to post since this person is claiming to be a vegan even though she admitted to buying non-vegan ice cream for someone else,” he wrote.

Although Dagher aimed his high-wattage Neckbeard Signal into the dark night sky, hoping that the angry vegans of Twitter would shame Borrelli into atoning, lashing herself with spring onions, and shoving that ice cream truck into the nearest river, it didn’t happen that way.


With some exceptions, the majority of responses to both Dagher and Borrelli’s tweets were in total agreement that she is a super person. “Full offense, you're an embarrassment to veganism and we have reduced you to "plant based,” one man told Dagher. “You sound like a lovely person. That guy is a prick,” another added. And even Hugo Award-winning sci-fi legend Neil Gaiman chimed in, commending Borrelli for doing something “beautiful and human.”

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Dagher has yet to back down, with a timeline full of hateful responses to anyone who has criticized him. According to The Guardian, almost a quarter of the 3,000 tweets Dagher has sent in the six years since he joined the platform have been about to Borrelli’s ice cream kindness. “I am completely right here, so you are the completely wrong-headed ones here,” he typed in one typically furious response. “I am not being a dogmatic bully in the slightest. She did not have to buy non-vegan ice cream for the girl. She made the choice to do so, and she essentially killed one or more cows.” (Um, how…how…does he think ice cream is made?)

Borrelli wrote a lengthy blog post, explaining what it’s like to go viral because of someone else’s stupidity. “Here’s the thing: vegans are not The Avengers, you cannot summon us to do your bidding if you feel scorned by a meat eater or fellow vegan,” she wrote. “I am not Thanos and he is in no way Captain America, so him calling on his posse was his way of asking people to bully me until I admitted I was wrong […] That was put out there in an attempt to humiliate and hassle me, but what’s actually happened since is I’ve been hit with a TON of support and kind messages.”

Sounds like despite all his rage, Dagher is still the one in a short-sighted cage.