Please Enjoy Shaq Making Absolutely No Sense Talking About Buying Gas

Shaq and Kenny Smith got into a somewhat heated debate about the cost of gas. Shaq's math is a little rusty.

Math is magical. It put human beings on the moon, it helps us understand the glue between molecules in our universe, it governs the order of words on this very page. But one thing that math is not: interpretable. (Alright, so that's interpretable, but you know what I mean.)

TNT's Inside the NBA crew is often held hostage by conversational random number generators Shaq and Charles Barkley, and this time Ernie Smith was caught in a one-way battle between Shaq and logic. What was Shaq getting at? Whether or not buying gas incrementally is cheaper than buying it all at once:

I'd love to either give you a transcript of the conversation, or a real navigation of what's going on, but honestly, it's pretty incomprehensible. Shaq is arguing that if you've got an $80 tank of gas (what kind of giant-ass car are they even talking about?!), it's cheaper to drain your tank to half, and then put in only $20—and that eventually it won't cost as much?

If he's saying that spending money is just a perception—and that when you chip away at it bit-by-bit, you don't notice the big spends—then that's not coming across clearly. Because it's just coming across as if he honestly thinks it's cheaper to fill up a half tank more frequently.

The craziest part is that Shaq is no dummy when it comes to money, he is in fact a wildly successful business man. So if you're wondering the secret to growing a successful business, maybe the answer is: make up little math lies to help you save money?