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Watch a Tiny Manhattan Rise from Hundreds of Recycled Electronics Parts

Artist Zayd Menk made midtown from junked computers and old phones.

Not many of us would have the creative foresight to look at a pile of junked computers and dusty old phones and transform it into a perfectly-scaled cityscape. Artist Zayd Menk did just that, by meticulously crafting a model of midtown Manhattan using bits and pieces of old electronics.

He used 27 motherboards, 18 sticks of RAM, 11 CPUs, three hard drives, and an eclectic mix of telephones, clocks and watches to compose the scene—plus 263 sticks of hot glue to hold it all together.

On his Instagram, Menk says the junk-tech cityscape took three months to complete:

It’s not quite as big of an undertaking as the 4,100 pounds of old electronics used in artist Benjamin Von Wong’s sculptures, but this junk-drawer Manhattan is still a thoughtful critique on our relationship with e-waste. With almost half of all e-waste recycling companies proven to be total shams, a better use of your old Nokias might be in a new art project.