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Uh, Trump Apparently Made the Mooch Get a Shot in the Ass

From a doctor named Ronny.
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Anthony Scaramucci—a.k.a. the Mooch—gave a talk to a bunch of college Republicans Thursday night in New York. The former White House communications director was supposed to speak on "forgiveness and common mistakes in business and politics," which could be a reference to the time he told a reporter at the New Yorker, "I'm not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own cock," and got fired only ten days into his job.


But relaying that anecdote and reflecting on it could not possibly take up an hour-long speaking slot, and it's unclear what insight into the Trump administration someone with so short a tenure there could realistically provide. So the former Goldman Sachs investment banker was forced to improvise. Scaramucci could have offered some business tips, or talked about the Al Pacino movie he's producing. Instead, he riffed on Jersey Shore stereotypes, and told the students that they probably ate "garbage" and that life was "unfair."

According to the NYU Local, the event "went about how you would expect." Except for the fact that no one could have anticipated this gem:

Asked about his favorite White House story during the Q&A portion of the evening, Scaramucci recalled an anecdote of a time while aboard Air Force One. Trump, a notorious germophobe, noticed Scaramucci had a hoarse voice and was under the weather. Trump, Scaramucci said, subsequently sent him to his doctor, Ronny Jackson (now Trump’s nominee to be the new VA Secretary), who proceeded to inject him in the butt with penicillin and cortisone before he could return to sit alongside Trump during the flight.

That's right. It wasn't that first press conference where he blew a kiss to the press, or the time Trump told him that he would "pray for" his baby. It had nothing to do with that infamous Ryan Lizza call. Scaramucci's fondest memory from his short White House tenure was the time he was forced to get an ass injection on an airplane by his boss's doctor, "Ronny."

Here's the full story:

This is even better than the time Trump forced Chris Christie to eat meatloaf. Thank you NYU College Republicans for this gift.

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