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Queensland Woman to Serve 12 Months For Biting Her Husband's Tongue Off

He was literally left speechless after an unwanted sexual advance.
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Queensland woman Nara Walker will serve a year behind bars after an Icelandic court found her guilty of biting her husband’s tongue off during an argument in 2017.

The artist, originally from the Sunshine Coast, met her French husband in 2013 and moved with him to Iceland after marrying in London. She told Iceland newspaper DV , that she suffered through “years of domestic violence,” before the incident occurred in the apartment the couple shared in Reykjavik. This included allegedly being sexually abused and drugged.


According to DV , the tongue biting happened last November, while the couple had two guests over. Walker told the Reykjavik District Court that she had attempted to leave the apartment with one guest, an American man. Her husband tried to stop them, allegedly pushing the American down the stairs.

The court heard Walker’s husband then allegedly pinned her arms to her side while forcefully attempting to kiss her. This is when she bit approximately 2.5 centimetres of his tongue off. DV reported that Walker had also got into an altercation with the other female guest, biting her fingers and pulling her hair.

Despite filing a domestic violence claim against her husband and telling police that he’d attacked her, Walker was imprisoned for up to 15 hours and questioned. Her husband and the other women were taken to hospital.

Walker told DV, “When the police arrived, my husband pointed to me and said, “She did this, she did.”

“I was very annoyed by why I was taken but not him. I was very shocked and although I was injured, I was most concerned about my husband,” she said.

To re-attach his tongue, Walker’s husband needed 30 stitches. According to DV though, it is “severely shortened” and will never fully heal.

Beyond the prison sentence, Walker will also have to pay $15,788 in damages to her husband.

According to Walker, her husband was often violent and controlling, telling DV , “He dispensed my allowance on a monthly basis, and if I (was not good) enough in his opinion, he punished me by not giving me anything,”

Walker told DV that she hadn’t intended to harm her husband and she plans to appeal her sentence.

“I see a lot of what happened and I wish I could take it back. I wish he had allowed me to leave the house that night,” Walker said. “I often get nightmares at night and see his face as I remember that night.”

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