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Hijacked Sign Says Ohio McDonald's Is 'Now Hiring Losers'

Friendly reminder that most fast food employees are overworked and underpaid!
Photo via Twitter user IAmNobody2You

Fast food workers are among the most mistreated groups in American society. Often underpaid and overworked, they're the frequent punching bags of the moneyed and heartless.

On Tuesday, a Reddit user posted a picture of an sign outside a McDonald’s that had been tampered with. That location had been looking for closers, yet some dilweed figured it’d be quite funny to swipe the ‘C’ from that sign so it’d read “NOW HIRING LOSERS.”


Haha, hilarious! Yes, let’s please take an already mistreated, undervalued group and castigate them further with the cheapest schoolyard insult one can possibly dredge up.

Though the original post has been deleted as of Thursday morning, the comments remain. They’re quite a mix of dispiriting put-downs (“He did not steal it. He fixed it,” observed one person) to defending the maligned workers (“[T]here's nothing loser-ish about working in fast food. It's an honest way to earn money, start getting experience, and learn responsibility,” a voice of reason wrote).


Mashable reported on Wednesday

, the original poster was a man named Daniel Daunhauer; Daunhauer could not be reached for comment on Thursday by MUNCHIES. He'd allegedly spotted the sign in Barberton, Ohio.

“We didn’t have any vandals,” the Barberton McDonald's store manager, who only identified himself as "Rich," told MUNCHIES over the phone on Thursday morning. “Someone just took a letter, but there was no damage at all.” He declined to comment further regarding whether the individual who changed the sign had been identified.

Anyway, real funny joke. The only way I’d possibly support messing with a McDonald's sign is if it was to protest the chain’s botched, hollow solidarity campaign for International Woman’s Day, which involved the chain inverting its arched, golden M’s to W’s. But I somehow highly doubt this was a gesture meant to avenge the stupidity of WcDonald's.