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Ben Lee and Ted From 'How I Met Your Mother' Have A Band, Unfortunately

Separately, you know Ben Lee and Josh Radnor as mediocre white guys. Together, they're Radnor and Lee, and they make music together.
Channel 9

Here are some proper nouns you probably haven't heard in a while: Ben Lee; How I Met Your Mother; Josh Radnor. Now, here's those proper nouns in a very unlikely sentence: Australian adult contemporary icon Ben Lee and How I Met Your Mother's Josh Radnor have a band together! Apparently Ben and Josh have known each other for twelve or thirteen years after meeting on the set of How I Met Your Mother, and kept in touch. Eventually, they started writing songs together. Beautiful, right? Mediocrity respect mediocrity!


In an interview with Channel Nine's Today show captioned 'Epic Bromance,' Ben explains that their collaboration is like "a marriage," while Josh looks on with a pained look on his face. Josh, probably very sad that his hit TV show is over, then contributes a meek "We really didn't know what we were getting into." Poor once-famous Josh.

Radnor and Lee have been making music as Radnor and Lee for a while now: a quick YouTube search reveals a terrifying vortex of acoustic folk rock that probably would have been right at home on an episode of How I Met Your Mother. You're welcome to listen for yourself, but if you don't have the guts you can feel safe in knowing that it's generally the kind of music that one only really tolerates if in, like, a car park below a Gap store. When I was scrolling through the many, many Radnor and Lee videos an acoustic guitar riff started autoplaying and I thought 'Hey, this doesn't sound too bad,' but actually it was just Kylie Minogue's "Dancing" autoplaying in another window. At least some people are still making good music with acoustic guitars.

If you'd like to see Radnor and Lee live and relive the acoustic pop glory days of 2005, you can find their tour dates here.

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