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Some Men Performed a Puja to End Feminism in India

Calling feminism a “cancer” and equating the #MeToo movement with the devil, an NGO called the Save India Foundation performed this ritual at 50 locations across the country to eradicate “evil feminists”.
Shamani Joshi
Mumbai, IN
Some men performed a puja to eradicate feminism in India
Photo via Pixabay

In India, pujas are religious rituals often meant to ward off evil forces. They’re meant to be an offering to please the gods, while also acting as insurance against one’s enemies. But recently, the Save Indian Family (SIF), a consolidated group of more than 40 NGOs that claim they promote family harmony and gender equality, just hosted a puja to eradicate “evil feminists” in India. “The puja is to end #FeminismPisachini, which professes equality but seeks female dominance, entitlements and privileges without any responsibilities,” reads the press release put out by them. The word Pisachini loosely translates to evil, and a Pisachini Mukti Puja is a Hindu ritual usually performed to get rid of evil entities.


Calling feminism a “cancer” and even equating the #MeToo movement with a Rakshasa (devil), this puja was hosted by the SIF’s Karnataka chapter, but was also held simultaneously at 50 different locations across India, and even supported with an all-India helpline for “men in distress”. And if that wasn’t bad enough, they even held a Pinddaan ceremony, a Hindu ritual usually performed after someone dies, to signify the death of the #MeToo movement, which they believe has been more harm than help and resulted in many “innocent men being framed and convicted without any trial, leading to a new era of digital mob-lynching against men.”

"Feminism is why families are breaking at the drop of a hat in India. It is destroying the cohesion that holds families together,” a spokesperson from SIF told News18, adding that they might organise the ceremonies again to ensure that they “eradicate the evil that is feminism.”

Not only did this group perform the same puja last year, but they’ve also done a bunch of other whacked out shit to rid the country of what they consider “toxic feminism”, with over 150 men even taking a dip in the Ganga river last year to purify their wives.

Of course, most feminists aren’t taking this shit seriously and simply using it as an excuse for a facepalm and a good laugh.

If only these men could perform a puja to rid themselves of egotistic, gender-biased thinking instead.

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