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I Can't Stop Watching These Disgusting 'Wet Unboxing' Videos

Alex Frost opens packages of food underwater that should NOT go underwater.

Every once in a while, a phrase or image appears after hours of scrolling the internet that seems like it’s going to be something. A proto-meme—a precious, terrifying embryo—of the next new trend.

You’ve heard of unboxing, the YouTube phenomenon where someone opens a new package—usually a tech gadget—in front of a camera. You probably don't want to see another unboxing again… but what if it was an underwater unboxing?


Welcome to “wet unboxing.”

YouTuber Alex Frost dunks packaged food and drinks into a clear tank full of water, and opens them. It’s disgusting but mesmerizing, in the same sick way that slime videos and recordings of people chewing are addictive. And as far as I can tell, Frost is the only one doing it. (If you know someone else doing wet unboxing, please tell me.)

The first item Frost opens for the channel is a ploughman's sandwich, no mayo, from Tesco, and the sight of soaking wet bread and lettuce flopping around in the tank turning the water all brown makes my skin crawl. Frost tears apart Sainsbury’s grocery store sushi underwater and I’m absolutely repulsed, but I can’t stop watching. A Naked-brand green smoothie looks so foul when poured out in the tank.

But it’s not just food: There’s the can of aerosol dry shampoo unloaded in there, which is bubbly ASMR goodness. But no, take me back to the horrible foodstuffs please: The Rustler’s double decker (a microwavable burger brand in the UK) is absolutely nauseating. Thanks, I hate it.

How long before we get an underwater iPhone X wet unboxing?