The Brady Feigls are Baseball's Spiderman Meme

Two professional baseball players are both named Brady Feigl, look alike, wear glasses, and are the same height.
September 5, 2018, 6:20pm

The sport of baseball is known for attracting people with funny-ass names. It seems almost as if it's a pre-requisite to play—or, rather, if you're born with a funny-ass name, you've only got one future set out for you. But for two players, the name isn't so much the funny part. It's just that they share the same one. And nearly the same face.

Rangers beat reporter Levi Weaver come across the glitch in the Matrix, when he must have felt cross-eyed. Why does the Rangers-affiliate player Brady Feigl seem to change ever so slightly, picture to picture? And why does he play for two different teams? Wait, how does he play for two different teams?


In either event, Weaver struck gold when he discovered that there indeed are two players by the fairly uncommon name of Brady Feigl.

Brady Feigl Left (let's just use this for differentiation, shall we?) hails from Severn, MD, and currently plays for the Rangers affiliate team the Frisco Rough Riders in Texas (the photo is from his time with the Down East Wood Ducks). Brady Feigl Right comes from Chesterfield, MO and currently plays for the Oakland A's affiliate the Vermont Lake Monsters in Burlington.

The uncanniness does not end there, though. Both Bradys are the same height—6'4"—were born exactly one month apart, and got Tommy John Surgery from the same doctor (although Dr. James Andrews is the king of that procedure, so that is only very slightly less weird).

I mean, come on!

Even Brady's college got mixed up last year, and tagged the wrong Feigl in a tweet:

I wonder what happens if these two get called up to the Majors at the same time. Will they run into each other in the halls and get caught up doing a mirror double-take and miss out on their debut? Hard to tell.

I mean, that would be cool and all, but it would've been a lot cooler if they played for Minnesota. You know, the Twins? Right? Riiiight?