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A Huge Smith Street Brawl and Car Accident Have Left Several People Injured

Police haven’t confirmed if the two incidents were related. But local residents have claimed the car accelerated towards the fight.
Photos by Ben Thomson

In the early hours of Sunday morning, a fight broke out as patrons were leaving a Smith Street bar in Collingwood. Police have said they believe around 200 people were exiting the venue when the brawl started. Things turned really pear-shaped when a car coming down Smith Street crashed into several parked cars, injuring a pedestrian.

Police haven’t made clear if the brawl and the car crash were related.


But a local resident told the Herald Sun that he believed he saw the car accelerating towards the crowd: “He was going at a blistering pace and he was fucking aiming for people straight at them.”

Although police haven’t named the venue where the fight began, neighbours have said there was an event at the Gasometer that had already drawn noise complaints. The Herald Sun reported that staff from the venue were on the scene at 8.15 to check a broken door.

VICE contacted the venue this morning, but they declined to comment.

Police have reported that half a dozen people were taken to hospital. The pedestrian hit by the car had received serious leg injuries from the incident.

The area around Smith Street, Alexandra Parade and Hotham Street is still blocked off by police, who told bystanders they aren’t sure when it will be cleared.