Two Kids Get Locked in Supermarket Overnight, Eat Ungodly Amount of Food

I mean, what would you do?
Phoebe Hurst
London, GB
August 16, 2017, 2:42pm
Foto via Flickr-gebruiker Wes Dickinson.

We've all had that hunger-induced daydream—usually around lunchtime or when stuck in a particularly drawn-out accounts meeting—about being locked in a huge, fully stocked supermarket at night. With no way out until morning, your only option is to skip through the unattended aisles, swiping doughnuts from the bakery counter, ripping open family-size bags of Hula Hoops, and delving into the ice cream freezers like you're at some giant, unsupervised buffet.


But for two Scottish schoolboys, that fat kid dream recently became a reality. Last week, early morning workers at a branch of Sainsbury's in East Kilbride got a shock when they found two children, thought to be aged 12 and 13, roaming the aisles of the supermarket. They had been locked in the store since the previous evening.

The workers made the discovery at around 2 AM and quickly called the boys' parents and reported the incident to the police. According to East Kilbride News, the kids had managed to evade the store's daytime security by hiding in the clothing department until closing time. A source told the local newspaper: "The two boys were locked in for hours as the doors get locked at 10 PM and only open to let customers out who are still at the checkouts at that time."

Once locked in, the boys behaved as any unattended kids—or, let's be honest, adults—would in a huge warehouse of sweets, crisps, and expensive electrical equipment. They went wild, helping themselves to hundreds of pounds worth of food and, more worryingly, booze. Police confirmed that a £35 camera and two memory cards are also missing following their rampage.

A spokesperson for Sainsbury's said: "We can confirm there was an incident at our East Kilbride store and we're supporting the police with their investigation."

Unsurprisingly, the supermarket is stepping up its security measures following the boys' late-night escapades. Shutters will be closed at night and security guards asked to sweep the shop floor before closing time. The source added to East Kilbride News: "It's shocking that security guards failed to notice the two boys."

Not as shocking as the grounding and revoking of phone privileges that the boys will have received when they got home.