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Listen to Taylor Swift's New Song, "...Ready For It?"

The new song, premiered by ESPN during a college football game on Saturday night, doesn’t sound anything like “Look What You Made Me Do."
Bradley Kanaris / Getty Images

After previewing the song with a one-minute clip last night during a college football game, Taylor Swift has released the second single from her forthcoming LP, Reputation. "…Ready For It?" hit streaming services early Saturday morning.

In the end, the ESPN clip captured most of the song's grand, melodic moments. Much of "…Ready For It?" is taken up by two-note jilted-lover semi-raps over a plodding, industrial beat. But the chorus does open the track up with some pop-EDM synths. Those tuneful outbursts are the highlight of a track that contains some clunky lyrics. In the second verse, for example, during a pained metaphor about robbery and hearts, she rhymes "and" with "island." But the ESPN-ready chant-along of "Baby, let the games begin" would probably be satisfying live, and there's more to like here than there was on "Look What You Made Me Do."

Listen to "…Ready For It?" below.

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