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Livable Planet

150 Mayors Pledged to Switch Their Cities to 100 Percent Renewable Energy

A nationwide environmental campaign just reached a major milestone.
Image via Sierra Club

Environmental advocates, the Sierra Club, started the "Ready for 100" campaign to get mayors to switch their cities from using fossil fuels to renewable energy, and VICE Impact is a proud partner with them to help make that happen. Under President Trump's administration, the federal government has made it clear that protecting the environment is not a priority, so it's up to local leaders to make a change for a healthier planet.


In 2016, 25 cities had committed to the Ready for 100 pledge. On Tuesday, the Sierra Club announced that there are now 150 cities that joined the clean energy movement, and there are still more to come including Columbia, South Carolina; Salt Lake City, Utah; and St. Petersburg, Florida.

This major milestone was reached after Raleigh, North Carolina Mayor Nancy McFarlane (I) endorsed the Sierra Club's campaign for a more energy efficient and lucrative future.

Climate change is an immediate threat with vast social and economicimplications. Storms like Hurricane Harvey and Irma are stark reminders of the devastation that human activity has on the environment, and the important role local leaders play. If you care about curbing the effects of climate change, then reach out to your mayor and tell them that you are Ready for 100.

Find out more information about how you can get your local leader on board.