It's VMA Day so Here's a Video of Lil Wayne Performing at the 2011 VMAs

The VMAs are always a place to make a statement

Day 342: "Look at Me Now" feat. Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes – Chris Brown, F.A.M.E., 2011

The VMAs are always a place to make a statement, and you can probably expect a few tonight. In 2011, they were a platform for Lil Wayne to cement his comeback to music after nearly a year in jail. He was up for three awards, two of them for the Chris Brown song "Look at Me Now," which was a bit of a comeback itself. Wayne snaps on his verse, and the song was enormous. At the time it seemed like an important confirmation that he hadn't lost a step while he was away.

But, more importantly, he closed out the show with performances of "How to Love" and "John," telling MTV News at the time, "This was actually very important to me. I've actually never had a moment like this." To celebrate, he smashed his guitar. What will happen tonight? Who knows, but it probably won't be as cool.

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