Belle & Sebastian Accidentally Forgot Their Drummer at a Rest Stop

Oh get him away from there, he's dying (but not actually).
August 15, 2017, 9:13pm
Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images

Belle & Sebastian was among the first indie bands to gather a frankly unwieldy amount of musicians together (ten people total perform on 1998's The Boy with the Arab Strap, not counting an entire string section) to play gentle, bookish pop songs. It's resulted in some great music, but you gotta wonder if that expanded lineup (they're currently a six-piece) has resulted in some organizational issues. Well:

As the tweet above (by B&S leader Stuart Murdoch) confirms and as reported by the Pioneer Press, Belle & Sebastian left their longtime drummer Richard Colburn behind at a rest stop somewhere in North Dakota en route to a show in St. Paul, Minnesota. Transportation was eventually found, according to Murdoch, and the day was saved. We can't say that their large membership was the cause—people forget important things, even other humans, all the time—but we did reach out to the band's PR and they confirmed the whole ordeal was true.

What's notable is that, according to the Pioneer Press, Colburn may have been abandoned in or near Fargo, (the publicist who eventually drove him to Bismarck was based out of the town) which… I mean, you guys can see the gifs and "oh yah" jokes coming. Truly, this entire story is a Coen Brothers screenplay yet to be written, an indie-pop sequel to Inside Llewyn Davis if there ever was one. Hmmm.

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