Stream The War on Drugs' New Album Now and Go On a Road Trip in Your Mind

'A Deeper Understanding' is streaming from the band's website for 24 hours.
August 23, 2017, 2:59pm

Cosmic Philadelphia Americana collective The War on Drugs have been gearing up for the August 25 release of their fourth album A Deeper Understanding for a few months, releasing a few singles here and there. Now, the band has decided to stream the whole thing early on their official website.

The album is a prime soundtrack for a long car or bus trip across the North American heartland, forward-moving, expansive, and long-as-shit (66 minutes). The only problem is that it's late August, so maybe the time to go on grand summer adventures has passed for you, but as long you can have some good headphones and can imagine amber waves of grain (but in space) then you'll probably have a good time. Grab a bong and a make-believe pickup truck and stream A Deeper Understanding here.

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