Woman Accuses Taco Bell of Putting 'Doorknob' in Her Nachos

Taco Bell has more than a dozen different add-ons for its orders of nachos, but none of them are household fixtures.
taco bell nachos
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Taco Bell has more than a dozen different add-ons for its orders of nachos, so you can customize that otherwise basic plate of tortilla chips and nacho cheese sauce with everything from shredded cheese blends and sliced jalapeños to French fries and a handful of Fritos. Weirdly, the chain doesn't actually allow customers to order a broken plastic nozzle from the cheese dispenser, which is why this New York woman was so shook when she opened her to-go order.


A couple of days ago, an upstate New York woman who uses the name Eve Saint on Facebook posted a photo of the nachos she allegedly received at the Taco Bell in Fishkill. In addition to pico de gallo, sour cream, and guacamole, her chips were topped with an odd-looking round object that she originally thought was "a doorknob."

"TACO BELL IM COMING TO FUCK SOMEONE UP REAL FUNNY PUTTING A FUCKING DOOR KNOB IN MY NACHOS BITCH," she wrote in all-caps on her Facebook post. She explained in the comments that she waited in the drive-thru for 45 minutes for her order, and then it was inedible, for obvious reasons. "Those [Taco Bell employees] tried to be funny, I'm convinced," she wrote.

Saint said that she contacted the restaurant and a staffer told her that it was "impossible" for a foreign object to appear in her nacho order, before hanging up. She called back repeatedly—"lol they didn't even answer till i called 10 times"—and finally received an apology, as well as an offer for a free order of nachos. She told the Hudson Valley Post that an employee messaged her on Facebook and identified the plastic bit as part of the pump from the nacho cheese dispenser.

"We take this very seriously," a Taco Bell spokesperson told VICE in a statement. "The franchisee that owns and operates this location is looking into this matter and strives to make things right with the customer." (In a Facebook comment, Saint said that she's never going back to the restaurant.)

That's obviously gross, but it could've been worse. In January, a San Antonio woman unwrapped her own order of takeout tacos from Mama Margie's and discovered a pink press-on fingernail inside one of the soft tortillas. Melissa Mermea wrapped that shit right back up and returned it to the restaurant.

"The manager told me that press-on nail did not come from his establishment,” she said at the time. “He was 100 percent sure. I was insulted. I was embarrassed. And I was upset.” (All she wanted was an apology—which she didn't get—although Mama Margie's did refund her the $2 she spent on the taco).

Saint seems to be handling her own incident well. "DIDN'T WANT ANYONE TO LOSE THEIR JOB BUT…NO ACTUALLY I'M LYING," she wrote in a separate Facebook post. "F U TACO BELL."