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Woman in China Stopped From Bringing Live Chicken on Subway, Slaughters It on the Spot

Winner winner, chicken dinner.
Shamani Joshi
Mumbai, IN
woman stopped from boarding subway with live chicken slaughters it on the spot
Photo for representational purposes only. Photos via Pixabay

A woman in China was prevented from boarding a train on July 6, but she showed the authorities she was no chicken. Quite literally.

This middle-aged woman in Chongqing, China, was stopped at the station by a staff member who noticed she was carrying a live chicken in her shopping bag and told her she couldn’t board the train with it. Turns out, commuters aren’t allowed to get on the public transport system if they bring live animals or birds with them. But this woman wasn’t willing to sit out the subway just because of this hurdle.

In a move that would probably make Colonel Sanders proud, she kinda just went for it and slit the chicken’s throat right then and there. She let it bleed dry in the subway dustbin, then boarded the train like a boss.

Meanwhile, a Chongqing transport official was quick to point out that travellers often slaughtered livestock on the spot so they could sit on the subway, often leaving behind bloody seats and a whole lot of mess. But this way, a chicken is then considered food and hence allowed to board with.

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