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Monthly Horoscope: Leo, July 2019

Welcome to Cancer season, dear lion!

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You've been moving slowly as the sun's wades through water sign Cancer, but your pace quickens as Mars enters your sign, Leo, on July 1! Cancer season is a quiet time of year for you, a period of resting up before your season begins, but as macho Mars enters your sign, you're feeling revived, ready to pick a fight, and get things done. Being that you're the sign of royalty, you occasionally intimidate people—expect others to be even more struck by your presence when Mars is in your sign!


Don't rush to take action—patience is the best thing for you this month, Leo, especially considering the solar eclipse in Cancer on July 2. This is an emotionally charged moment for you, and you will want plenty of rest. You have a huge heart and aren't the sort of person who's afraid of big emotions, but you'll want a minute to sit and soothe yourself. Eclipses are emotionally turbulent times when reveals take place and our paths fork. Big decisions are made, and changes we couldn’t expect—or that we didn’t ask for—take place, too. This eclipse stirs up hidden and secret things for you, Leo, revealing parts of yourself that you haven’t been able to look at for a long time. Make time to be alone, retreat, and dive deeply into your own spirit. Your inner voice has so much to say, and this sensitive eclipse demands that you listen.

Venus enters Cancer on July 3, finding you more shy than usual—especially when it comes to love—and you're enjoying private moments with your partners on a deep level. You're valuing the intuitive connections you share with people, and are seeking comfort—not thrills—at this time. Venus in Cancer knows a bit about nurturing, trust, and intimacy, and the eclipse in Cancer certainly brings shrouded things to the surface, so connect with someone you trust to discuss something personal and emotional that could be improved with an outside perspective.


The eclipse isn't the only thing demanding your patience this month, Leo—so will Mercury retrograde, which begins in your sign on July 7. As Mercury moves backward through your sign, you find yourself reconsidering the decisions and plans you've made over the last few weeks. When Mercury reenters Cancer on July 19, you may find yourself especially forgetful, so keep track of your to-do lists and double check your work. Like any Mercury retrograde, avoid big purchases, and watch out for miscommunications and delays. Technical difficulties abound, and I don't advise traveling or signing contracts.

Being a Leo, you'll likely fo whatever you want, whenever you want…sadly, Mercury retrograde will frustrate your desire for total control. The most random things will pop up and confound you. Mercury retrograde in Cancer, like the eclipse, won't let you forget something you've been trying to forget—repressing emotions or avoiding responsibilities won't work this month, Leo! Mercury retrograde finally ends on July 31—the same day as the new moon in your sign! But we'll get to that later.

  • Prepare for frazzled days by putting locators on your keys, wallet, and other easily lost things, especially during Mercury retrograde.
  • If dealing with technology is getting extra frustrating, having someone who’s always ready to help might feel good and relieve some stress.
  • Tempted to make a big purchase? Maybe a primer on how to manage your personal finances will help you figure it out.


On July 8, Venus connects with Uranus in Taurus and Mercury retrograde meets with Mars in your sign, bringing brilliant intuitive insights and emboldening your communication style. Be smart about what you say and don't be confrontational right now, Leo. The energy is especially social and you're seeking thrills, but be mindful about running into people from your past—Mercury retrograde often means running into an ex!

Don't overbook yourself as the sun opposes Saturn in Capricorn on July 9, asking you to be picky about the tasks you take on. If you've overloaded your schedule, something will have to go. You may be wrapping up a project at this time, or finding that you're being removed from one. Either way, something you've been building is finally wrapping up, and considering the eclipses and Mercury retrograde, you'd be wise to keep the empty space in your calendar empty should unexpected tasks and responsibilities fall on your lap (and they probably will—both the eclipses and Mercury retrograde are famous for surprises!).

The sun connects with Neptune in Pisces and Mars squares off with Uranus on July 11, bringing surprises at work and finding you eager to tackle a goal you're excited about—or end a journey you're no longer interested in pursuing. You're in a creative mood and certainly benefiting from any time off—being able to stay flexible and play things by ear is the best way to work this month's energy. Watch out for drama at work or feeling especially overwhelmed by your duties as the sun opposes Pluto on July 14. Power struggles take place! Watch out for manipulators and bring in a third party to help mediate tricky situations.


Secrets are exposed on July 16, thanks to the lunar eclipse in Capricorn, which will also bring a major shift in your day job. A massive schedule or scenery change is likely to take place. Eclipses show us things in a new light, and you're already exploring hidden things this Cancer season. As the light of the full moon shines down on the sector of your chart that rules your daily routines and rituals, you'll see things in a whole new way! Big shifts in power occur at this time. This eclipse is in Capricorn, a sign that works hard for what it's got—if someone hasn't been keeping up with their responsibilities, this won't be an easy eclipse for them, and you may find yourself sitting next to someone new in the office. This is also a potent time to dump a bad habit, so connect with someone who can cheer you on as you make big changes.

  • As you wrap up old projects and tackle new goals, it's a great time to get creative and map out your next moves with a passion planner.
  • Letting go of the past isn’t easy, but this adorable book by Marie Kondo (in Manga form!) can be your guide. Don’t just apply it to material things—you can dump a bad habit, too.
  • When there’s drama at work, try not to feel overwhelmed and be careful not to burn yourself out.

Venus opposes Saturn on July 17 and the mood is low. It's not a cute time to plan a date or give yourself a make-over—though if you want to slap on a sheet mask and soak your feet between laundry loads, that's not a bad way to work the vibe. Make time to rest between chores and don't put too much pressure on yourself. Easier energy flows as Venus connects with Neptune on July 18—magic is in the air and it's a lovely occasion to lose track of time with a lover, or if you're in a more private mood, to go within and connect with your inner voice through meditation or journaling.


Your intuition kicks up a notch as Mercury reenters Cancer during its retrograde journey on July 19, so watch out for the messages that arrive in your dreams, and in the real world, for confusing issues that may resurface. An important perspective arrives on July 21 as Venus opposes Pluto and the sun meets Mercury retrograde, but watch out for intense emotions and competitive energy, as well as jealousy and possessive behavior.

Leo season begins on July 22—happy solar return, dear lion! As the sun enters your sign, you're feeling reinvigorated. It's a great time to asses your goals and reflect on all you've accomplished in the last year and where you want to be this time next year. Mercury retrograde meets Venus on July 24, creating a gentle energy for communication—however, you're in a very private mood and you'll likely find yourself wanting to connect with people on a smaller scale, like an intimate dinner.

This is, until the energy picks up when action planet Mars connects with Jupiter in Sagittarius on July 25—you'll have plenty of stamina to party all night then! This is a majorly creative time, and you're horny as heck, too—enjoy! You're feeling especially sexy as Venus enters your sign on July 27; just be mindful of impulsive actions and how they affect your reputation as the sun squares off with Uranus on July 29. During this time of the month, you'll find yourself itching to break free from commitments!

  • When you need someone in your corner and cheering you on, talking to a therapist online might help.
  • Making dinner is a great way to host an intimate get-together. A meal kit service could cut down on planning and free you up to focus on your guests.
  • Tap into your sexy, flirtatious side with lingerie or swimwear from an inclusive brand with fashion-forward designs that aim to flatter every shape.
  • This ritual stone diffuser can have a calming effect in the spaces where you need it most.

The month wraps up with a new moon in your sign and the end of Mercury retrograde on July 31. Finally, communication issues clear up and your sleep schedule becomes less wacky! The new moon in your sign starts a new cycle in your life, and it's a wonderful time to reconnect with your heart's desires and focus on nourishing yourself. What you want today is so different from what you wanted last year, or even a few months ago. Use the new moon energy to play around with ideas of what you want for yourself in the future, because this is a potent time for manifestation. Perhaps honor your element, fire, by engaging in candle magic to illuminate your world under the darkness of the new moon. Good luck this month, Leo, and see you in August!