This political cartoonist was attacked by both Chelsea Clinton and Meghan McCain

Eli Valley's provocative comics have gotten him into trouble.

Eli Valley is a Jewish political cartoonist based in New York City. He doesn't shy away from controversy; in fact, he makes a living off it.

Valley has a particular knack for creating dark and disturbing satirical drawings of public figures who claim to fight anti-Semitism but actually do the opposite (in his opinion).

"Eventually, I actually wanted to move beyond politics and start doing more maybe memoir-type stuff," Valley told VICE News. "But then Trump came along."


President Donald Trump is his number one target. Other Republicans — and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — are not far behind. Valley blames all of them for the rise in anti-Semitic attacks in the U.S.

"Trump [is] increasingly saying that the Democrats are anti-Semites — when in fact Trump incited the most horrific pogrom in our history," Valley said. And so I drew him with an assault rifle outside the Tree of Life Synagogue."

Valley has been called a self-hating Jew, an anti-Semite, even a kapo. But he says his critics just don't understand his art.

"My comics are not intended to try to convince the other side," he told VICE News. "What my comics are trying to do is galvanize our side and to remind our side that we are not, we are not the evil ones," he said.

"And also to, you know, say 'Fuck you' to the other side."

Editor's note 4/25 4:25 p.m. ET: The headline on this post has been updated.

This segment originally aired April 17, 2019, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.