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Pharrell Sat on the Beat for Migos' "Stir Fry" for Almost Ten Years

"[Pharrell] said he was waiting on this moment," says Quavo in a new interview with Ebro Darden.

Migos' campaign for Culture II hit a sizable snag this morning after Offset fumbled an apology for an ugly, homophobic line. The gaffe deserves the attention it's getting as an opportunity to discuss hip-hop's toxically masculine culture. Despite this, the Migos are continuing with their promotion, having taped an appearance on Ebro Darden's Beats 1 show from likely before the controversy hit to discuss the upcoming album.


While there are still a few volleys lobbed at Joe Budden (Ebro: "Do you feel like Joe Budden needs to thank y’all?" Quavo: "Yeah, Joe. You got a new job now, Joe."), the most interesting tidbit is how Pharrell's beat for the group's recent single "Stir Fry" apparently isn't all that recent, according to Quavo:

We was in the studio in LA —[Pharrell] was in the next room—I think we were still working on 'Culture II' but we’ve been running into each other. We been—you know what I'm sayin’—cool but, he was over there working and we just stepped in because if anybody—we just walk in everybody’s sessions and just—it’s love and go to work. And he had like 3 or 4 beats, but the pack was from 2008! Like the old hard drive, he had the old pack. He said he was waiting on this moment, so [laugh].

Around the time when "Stir Fry" supposedly originates from, Pharrell and the Neptunes would have been working on Clipse's 2009 swan song Til the Casket Drops, but we can't really be sure the beat was rejected from the album, even if you don't have to try that hard to hear Pusha T on it. The relevant interview clips are below, so watch them and make sure to tune into the interview on Beats 1 right now over here.