Some Jerk Tore Up the Field from "Field of Dreams"

If you destroy it... will they still come?
January 24, 2018, 5:59pm
Photo via Wikimedia Common

Knowing that the Field of Dreams field still exists in real life should give you a sense of hope and magic in this world. Finding out that some jerkface is hellbent on destroying it, however, should set you right back to where you started.

The iconic field from the film is still maintained in Dyersville, Iowa by a woman named Denise Stillman, according to Dubuque's Telegraph Herald. She keeps the field open to the public, so that visitors from across the world can take a look at the site, which was selected by the Library of Congress for preservation, for being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant."

Well, some dickweed decided to drive up on the sod with some kind of vehicle and tear the whole thing up, as Stillman discovered on Tuesday morning. Stillman estimates that thousands of dollars worth of damage were done to the site, and that she won't be able to repair anything until the wet season dies down. According to the Herald, there were four-inch gashes in the turf and the sprinkler system was damaged.

Stillman says that, despite needing to undergo repairs, that the field will still be open to the public. So, apparently, if you destroy it, they will still come.