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Andrew W.K.'s "Ever Again" Video Will Literally Save Your Soul

You want guitars? Buddy, you've got 'em.
Photo via PR

Andrew W.K., the turn-up Messiah, is returning with his first album since 2009's 55 Cadillac (though technically, that same year's Gundam covers album is slightly more recent), You're Not Alone, on March 2. Via Beats 1, he's released the first single, the typically storming and uplifting "Ever Again." It rules, but the song is further benefitted by its video. Admittedly, it is basically just W.K. and his band rocking the fuck out and yelling. But what else does this song need if not the ability to see those voices and guitars in action?


Via a press release, W.K. describes the song and video as "a fantasy in which I get to imagine what it would be like to actually know the meaning of life—a dream in which I've finally returned from the brink of spiritual annihilation, having wrested the ultimate insight from out of the abyss. … A love that transcends emotion. A love that can't be understood, but can only be deeply and joyously experienced." That sounds absurd, but please listen to this song and watch the video below and just try to feel cynical.