The Breeders Announce First Album in a Decade, Slam "All Nerve" Right Now

'All Nerve,' the album, is out March 2.
January 9, 2018, 4:22pm

Kim Deal's alt-rock hero squad the Breeders last released an album in 2008, when the Earth was young. In the time since, you could argue that their brand of anything-goes grunge-pop has become an even more prominent influence on the current generation of indie rockers than the Pixies ever were, which is why their forthcoming return on March 2 with the album All Nerve is pretty exciting.

The band's shared the title track from the record, too. It's a brief, semi-ballad that rises and falls from doo-woppy verses to crashing choruses and sounds like it could have come out in both 1997 and 2018. Stream "All Nerve" below.