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A Dutch Street Artist Crowdsourced This Vibrant Mural

Munir de Vries interviewed locals to gather ideas for a towering, Fauvism-inspired work of street art.
July 24, 2017, 3:12pm
All images courtesy the artist

Street art has the power to infuse communities — literally — with beauty and color, but it's not often a mural boasts an intrinsic connection to the block it inhabits. Dutch artist Munir de Vries recently completed a towering, Fauvism-inspired mural based on ideas generated by people living in the area, and the resulting piece is at once an educational experience for its creator, as well as a community-building initiative in the Dutch city of Utrecht.


In a video documenting his process, de Vries shares his process behind the mural, titled Gemeente Utrecht. "There's a group initiative in the neighborhood. Together we came up with the thought to provide a stage based on ideas from the neighborhood by painting a mural. Then I went around the neighborhood to meet people and gather ideas. Based on the ideas, I've created a design, and now I'm [painting] it on a wall."

Watch the full video, from the mural's planning stages to final execution, below:

To see more work from Munir de Vries, visit his website and Instagram.


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