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Justin Trudeau Organically Appears on X-Men Set

Which mutant will Trudeau be cameoing as, though?
Photo via Instagram

Recently we tried to predict everywhere possible that our prime minister could spontaneously appear, but it turns out we missed one. We regret the error. Justin Trudeau was most recently spotted on the set of X-Men: Dark Phoenix in Montreal on Saturday. For this particular appearance, he was wearing an actual T-shirt and his socks were nowhere to be seen—a rare occurrence for a Daddy Canada sighting.


"Just met 'the dude,'" actor James McAvoy (aka young Professor Charles Xavier) posted on Instagram. "Thank you Canada for such a progressive, impressive and somewhat suggestive real-life superhero." McAvoy also apparently noticed Trudeau was wearing a shirt, tagging the photo he posted with "#priministerinatshirt." (Editor's note: I'm a bit confused by what McAvoy means by "somewhat suggestive.")

X-Men, like many superhero franchises, seems to be an endless source of content—much like quick-hit stories on Justin Trudeau appearances.

Trudeau was reportedly in Montreal on Saturday for the Saint-Jean-Baptiste holiday visiting his home riding, Papineau—a likely story.

*Record scratch noise* Thanks Allison, I'll take over from here.

Instead, let us speculate on which X-Man Justin Trudeau will cameo as when X-Men: Dark Phoenix appears in theatres in November 2018.

Young Logan aka Wolverine: Wolverine, aka the most famous and best of the X-Men, is a short, hairy Canadian. In fact, he's the only good Canadian superhero (not sorry, fans of fourth wall breaking). But Wolverine, famously, was played for 17 years by the very tall (and extremely ripped) Australian Hugh Jackman. But also famously, this year's Logan (the best superhero movie since The Dark Knight) was Jackman's last appearance as the adamantium-assisted alcoholic mutant. If Marvel wants to recast Wolverine with another a tall, not-that-hairy pretty boy—who admittedly could probably kick your ass—they could do worse than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


Guardian: aka Originally Weapon Alpha aka James MacDonald Hudson is a scientist from London, Ontario who was the occasional leader of Alpha Flight, the all-Canadian X-Men team and head of Department H, a secret branch of the Department of National Defence. He is DEFINITELY NOT a rip-off of Captain Canuck.

Namor the Sub-Mariner: The mutant son of a human and an underwater Atlantis princess, this often shirtless lover of water shouldn't be too much of a stretch for Canada's drama teacher-in-chief.

Northstar: As yet another Canadian X-Person (there are a lot of them!), Trudeau was born to play the mutant also known as Jean-Paul Beaubier. He's bilingual, a world-class skier, an accomplished writer of books, can fly, can "project photonic energy blasts," and was Marvel's first openly gay character. Northstar also has a twin sister with similar abilities, so there's even a part for Sophie!

All that being said, this might be a role too controversial for Trudeau, given Northstar's youthful dabbling with the Quebec terror group, Front de Libération du Québec. That all doubly said, let this please happen so we can read Postmedia's takedown on the "soft on terror" Trudeau.

Brian Mulroney: Given that the new X-Men movies have a completely fucked-up timeline and the new film is set to take place in 1991, could Trudeau be playing a historical counterpart? It would make more sense than X-Men: The Last Stand.


Mimic: The villainous Mimic can take on the powers of mutants as his own, what better way for Trudeau to be everything to everyone!

Daken: Son of Wolverine, with the ability to use pheromone manipulation that can seduce his subjects. Replace it with the perfect hair and crystal, white-toothed smile that weakens every non-Canadian at the knees and you got a Daken; doing it since 2015.

Banshee: An Irish mutant with a sonic scream that can produce nausea and disorientation in his enemies with his voice alone. Conservatives would buy Trudeau in this role, so it's an excellent opportunity to reach across the aisle.

Himself: Trudeau appears as a mutant hiding in plain sight as a world-famous politician famous for appearing everywhere at the same time but no one really seems to notice that he's always appearing in pictures on the internet and doesn't really seem to be working that much—but is he? We can't tell.

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