Harry Styles Says Shania Twain Is His Main Fashion Influence

Looks like Shania has majorly impacted Harry's Styles.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
Left via PR; Right via YouTube

Shania Twain is many things to many people: singer, mom, country music maverick icon, and most recently, dog-sledge entrance-maker. She is also an influential fashion legend (you may recall that she invented leopard print) and it appears that she has left her mark on one of the musicians who indulges in the most flagrant displays of print and texture-mixing in our midst.

Interviewed before this year's Victoria's Secret fashion show in Shanghai, at which he performed, 'lad who just raided mom's blouse section of the wardrobe' Harry Styles told Entertainment Tonight: "I think both my music and fashion main influence was probably Shania Twain. I think she's amazing."

I mean, it's not too much of a stretch; without Shania's outlandish tastes, there would be no Harry Styles beyond the tees, pointy boots, and skinny jeans of his very basic One Direction days. And while Harry has rocked the boat slightly with his (welcome!) appropriation of women's blouses and gaudy patterns, Shania really shook things up back in the day, daring the very conservative country genre to have a little more fun, lest we forget her tophat, tails, and knee-high boots combination. It makes sense that Harry would be both indebted to and enthralled by her trailblazing style: to be honest, who wouldn't?

Lauren would like to be sent some knee-high boots in a UK size 3 on Twitter.