This Tommy Wiseau Impression Is Officially the Best of the Best

'The Room' on ice took home A24's Tommy Award.

A few weeks back, in honor of the release of The Disaster Artist, A24 put out a challenge to fans of The Room: Recreate your favorite scene from the movie in a public space, upload it online, and the best "Hai Mark" or whatever wins a golden Oscar-style statue shaped like actor, director, writer, producer Tommy Wiseau.

Fans of The Room old and young alike raced to don their Wiseau wigs and shoot some footage, and the submissions were all pretty hilarious. Even the kid from The Florida Project got in on the action. Now, finally, the grand prize winner has been announced, and it looks like a guy named Josh Taube will be taking home the Tommy statue.


Sure, plenty of entries were good, but it's easy to see why Franco, Seth Rogan, and the other judges picked Taube's video for first place—the thing is the closest we'll probably ever get to seeing The Room on ice.

In it, Taube and a few friends recreate the film's climactic suicide scene—dress-humping and all—in the middle of a crowded ice rink. When the fake Tommy hits the ice, an unsuspecting skater cruises over to make sure he's alright, and the guy winds up becoming an unwitting audience to Johnny's tragic end.

The ten runners-up won't end up with a Tommy Award on their mantel, but each one scored a "prize pack" that included a football, a tuxedo shirt, and a signed photo from Franco, among other things. They're all pretty great in their own right, unfolding on the crowded subway and IKEA, and even one that stars a few cats and dogs.

Kick back, order yourself a half Hawaiian, half artichoke and pesto pizza, and watch some of the best reenactments from The Room below.