The Spacey-Free Final Season of 'House of Cards' Will Shoot Next Year

The season will center on Robin Wright's character, Claire Underwood.
Photo via David Giesbrecht / Netflix

On Monday, Netflix confirmed that that the sixth and final season of House of Cards will go back into production next year—with Robin Wright as its star.

The fate of Netflix's critically acclaimed political drama has been up in the air following a string of sexual misconduct allegations against Kevin Spacey in recent months. Production on the new season was halted indefinitely as Netflix considered the path forward—one that definitely would not involve Spacey.

Now, it looks like the streaming giant has finalized a plan.

House of Cards will resume production in 2018, Deadline reports, with the goal of completing a slightly abridged, eight-episode season to cap off the series starring Robin Wright's character, Claire Underwood. It's a decision that many fans were eager to see following the Spacey allegations, and made sense considering Claire wrapped up season five with her fourth-wall-breaking "my turn."

"We were really excited we could get to an agreement… for the conclusion of the show," Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos said Monday at UBS's Global Media and Communications Conference in New York City. He promised that the final eight episodes will be a "good, creative conclusion" and "will bring closure to the fans."

Sarandos did not detail how exactly the show will write Frank Underwood out of the series, but it doesn't look like Netflix has any plans to cast another actor to take over Spacey's leading role. Apologies to all those Kevin James fans out there.