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Woman Attacked By Croc in Viral Video, Just Like Katter Predicted

Bob Katter said North Queensland is being torn apart by crocs and no one believed him.
November 28, 2017, 11:17pm

There’s a lot of stuff in the news to write about this morning, but I ain’t spending any time on it because a woman has been attacked by a crocodile in far north Queensland. And this was just as Katter’s Australian Party MP and founder Bob Katter predicted earlier this month on Insiders.

Bob Katter, who is already entertaining enough to watch on screen due to being the literal physical embodiment of every country Queensland stereotype, halfway through an interview switched from mirth to anger as he turned a question about the marriage equality postal survey result into a furious rant about the country’s unaddressed crocodile crisis.

We laughed, but did we listen?

On Monday, British tourist Ally Bullifent posted a Facebook video of her friend Leah being attacked by a croc that leapt suddenly from the water she was filming on her phone at Cape Tribulation. And that’s on us—the Australian viewing public who didn’t take Katter seriously.

Luckily, neither Bullifent nor her friend were seriously hurt (or “torn to shreds”) in the attack. But Katter has responded the incident, calling for mass crocodile culling programs in the more populated areas of northern Queensland.

Currently, the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection may only legally remove crocodiles that have shown themselves to be a threat to humans. The Department has said it will assess the Cape Tribulation attack site today and target the crocodile in question.

Oh, and an update on the marriage survey: those thousands of blossoms are set to bloom—equal marriage legislation passed its second reading stage in the Senate on Tuesday.

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