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Yung Lean Has Never Been Sadder Than He Is in His Short Film 'Stranger'

The dark, ambiguous film also comes with new music.

Yung Lean remains a compelling outre figure in underground rap years after his breakthrough. As he's gearing for his new album Stranger, out on November 10, Lean has given us a preview and visual expression of the project's overall vibe. Directed by Suzie and Leo, the seven-minute Stranger short film is akin to Kanye West's still-influential Runaway, but much shorter and far more existential and minimalist.


Lean's character says nothing in its runtime and is smeared with blood for most of the film as he wanders through an Old West ghost town. It ends grimly. The film is summarized as "A fugitive turns into a demon then a sad clown and finally becomes a man again," which sort of gives some structure to the bleak visuals. There's also some new music from the Stranger album to listen to while you ponder this vision of peak Sadboys melancholy. Watch Stranger above.