Watch Prinze George's Intimate Yet Epic Video for "Wait Up"

The Maryland trio go for the emotional jugular.
August 11, 2016, 12:28pm

The last time we wrote about this Maryland crew was over a year ago, circa the sparkly emosh pop of


But then we caught them at

Panorama in NYC

a few weeks back and fell for the trio all over again. Their album

Illiterate Synth Pop

is newly released—a compendium of songs that stirs the nostalgia of pure 80s (power) pop combines it with the a DIY verve that's very now. Premiering below is the video for "Wait Up" which singer Naomi describes as "

a portrait of an intensely cyclical relationship that is equal parts maddening and beautiful."

Directed and produced by Louisa Fielden the opening visuals—a black and white aerial shot of a Twin Peaks-ian unending forest—are complemented by Prinze George's atmospheric wall of synths. Meanwhile a really rather beautiful couple come together and fall apart, rewind and fastforward. It's a love song told through Naomi's evocative lyrics ("I've never known any city big enough to shake us"), her tones capable of an unforced power and just a shiver of vulnerability (which interestingly reminds us of the now forgotten LDN trio

Chew Lips.


In any case, soak it up below.