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Lady Chann Made Us a Mixtape

You should check it out.

You may have met Lady Chann already, in the film Noisey made with her before (and during) a show she played in Brighton. If you did, you'll not have forgotten her, just as you probably haven't forgotten the way her music persuaded some polite-looking student girls to rattle their arses around in front of the Noisey cameras. You can liven up the quieter moments of the imminent holiday period by blasting her new Dun Dem Season Vol. 2 mixtape and pretending that you are one of them.


Lady Chann Dun Dem Season Vol. 2 mixtape by vicedotcom

As well as making this mix, which is hosted by ex-Heartless Crew guys Fonti and Bushkin (now known as 'FAB'), Lady Chann has been busy prepping a double A-side single, "Equilibrium"/ "Informer". It will arrrive through Strictly Rhythm at the end of January.