This story is over 5 years old.

I Saw Watain And Tragedy In The Same Night

I probably should have gotten beaten up, but instead I was called a "hipster."

I only got shoved and called a hipster at one of the shows I went to on Saturday and, looking at my level of hipster-dom in relation to both scenes empirically, I got called out at the wrong one.

I was giddy and dewy as a Brit-pop princess on a unicorn made of Brett Anderson at the prospect of seeing Watain and Tragedy on the same night. I make the Brit-pop comparison as both bands are essentially the Pulp of their respective genres. Both are the “best” at what they do and both are obsessed with dread and class, even if the language and codes are different. You can say “Satan” or the ever present “them” of crust-centric concerns but, either way, there’s the powerful and the powerless. Just a question of which side you want to be on. Or which side you think you want to be on.

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