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Those Creepy Clowns Are Apparently Terrorizing Georgia Now

"This behavior is not cute or funny," local police said.
Photo via Flickr user David Slack

The strange antebellum nightmare about creepy-clown sightings in both North and South Carolina has now spread into neighboring Georgia, according to reports from three separate cities in the state, CBS reports.

Police in the central Georgia town of Dublin say that there have been seven reported sightings of clowns recently. First, a woman reported seeing three clowns in a car in the Middle Georgia State University parking lot on Thursday night. Later, on Friday, a man claimed he got into a car accident after swerving to avoid a clown standing in the middle of the street. So far, local police say they haven't been able to substantiate any of the claims.

Then on Monday, police in nearby LaGrange, Georgia, said they had received several reports of "clowns in a van and in wooded areas trying to talk to children" in an announcement on the department's Facebook page. A day later, a couple of kids told police in Macon that they had been chased from their bus stop by a few terrifying clowns. By the time police arrived on the scene, the clowns were nowhere to be found.

"This behavior is not cute or funny," the LaGrange police department said of the clown pandemonium. "Understand that if officers see this behavior, you're going to have a conversation with them. And, if applicable, you may face criminal charges."

The reports in Georgia follow multiple sightings in both South and North Carolina that began on August 21. After determining that at least two reports in North Carolina were false, it seems likely that some pranksters are just hopping on the creepy-clown train and spreading the hysteria throughout the South.

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