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We Asked Edward Snowden if Online Privacy Has Improved Since His Massive NSA Leak

Check out the trailer for our upcoming episode of 'VICE' on HBO, airing May 27 at 11 PM.

This Friday, May 27, HBO will air a new episode from season four of our Emmy-winning show. On the last episode, we met the team of female volunteers working to eradicate polio in Pakistan, as well as expert disposal teams trying to detonate unexploded land mines in Southeast Asia. This week we head to Russia to meet Edward Snowden to discuss the current state of digital privacy and government surveillance in America.

When Snowden leaked the details of massive government surveillance programs back in 2013, the NSA whistleblower ignited a raging debate on digital privacy and security in America. That debate became a hot-button issue again this year when Apple refused an FBI court order to access the iPhone of alleged San Bernardino terrorist Rizwan Farook. VICE founder Shane Smith heads to Moscow to talk with Snowden about the government's real capabilities and if anyone can truly protect their sensitive information online in 2016.

Watch the trailer for Friday's episode, and keep an eye out for the rest of season four, airing Fridays at 11 PM, exclusively on HBO. If you want more VICE episodes to carry you through the week, you can watch our entire third season online now.