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A Naked Male Model Started Screaming About Donald Trump in Times Square This Morning

He also yelled about his love for fashion photography, and started doing the worm.
June 30, 2016, 3:21pm

Video via the 'New York Daily News.' Thumbnail photo via Twitter user Lane Beauchamp

Police officers in Times Square had to deal with a little more nudity than usual Thursday morning when a man stripped off his clothes and started taunting them from the 16-foot staircase in the middle of Duffy Square, Gothamist reports.

The man, who the New York Post identified as 21-year-old model Krit McClean of Manhattan, reportedly took off his clothes and folded them in a neat pile on the sidewalk at around 7 AM before climbing up the large TKTS platform and began spitting at police and yelling obscenities. The NYPD ended up having to block traffic, but bystanders from the street and nearby restaurants caught the whole show on Periscope and Twitter.

Apparently McClean yelled, "No Trump!" and rambled on about fashion photographers Bruce Weber and Mario Testino, before dropping down and doing the worm, the Post reports.

Worried that he might try to jump, emergency responders inflated a large airbag beneath the platform while police tried to talk him down from above. Witnesses say McClean continued yelling, paced back and forth, and started dancing erratically before he leapt from the platform, completely missing the airbag below.

According to Gothamist, he was taken to Bellvue Hospital for psychiatric evaluation and the minor injuries he sustained from the fall at around 9 AM. It's unclear if McClean was having psychiatric issues or if it was—as one onlooker put it—"just a Thursday in New York."

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