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The Exorcist Trying to Heal South Africa’s Satanic Murderer

VICE heads to Cape Town to meet Cecil Begbie, a Methodist priest and exorcist, who believes he can expel demons from a murderer who claims he was possessed when he carried out the crime.

In 2013, Aljar Swartz beheaded 15-year-old Lee Adams in the back of an abandoned school in Cape Town, South Africa. Swartz then attempted to sell Adams's severed body parts to the country's traditional healers—or sangomas—for cash. During his trial, Swartz's defense claimed he had been possessed by the devil and requested an exorcism at his sentencing after he pleaded guilty to the murder.

VICE heads to Cape Town to investigate the strange satanic murder and meets the Methodist priests who believe a traditional exorcism could still help Swartz achieve spiritual redemption.