We Went to the Opening of Lindsay Lohan's New Pro-Refugee Nightclub in Greece


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We Went to the Opening of Lindsay Lohan's New Pro-Refugee Nightclub in Greece

With nightclub LOHAN, Lindsay Lohan wants to thank Greece for welcoming so many refugees.

This article originally appeared on VICE Greece.

No one really knew what was up with the new nightclub LOHAN, besides the fact it was supposed to open on October 15 in the Gazi neighborhood of Athens. The club was set up in less than a week and aggressively promoted during the two days before its opening. Lindsay Lohan seemed to be involved in some way, but it was unclear how exactly or why—if she was an investor, like it was rumored—she was getting involved with a nightclub in Greece.


And then there it was: a huge sign reading "LOHAN" on the façade of a club on Iera Odou Street. Shortly after midnight on Friday, outrageously expensive cars arrived outside, valets were running around, and a line of club-goers formed in front of LOHAN's doors. But the assembled photographers and camera crews were mostly waiting to see if Lindsay Lohan herself would show up.

Which she did, shortly after 1 AM. She confirmed to the press that she had invested in the club and elaborated on the entertainment industry, the refugee crisis, Greece, xenophobia, and how having fun is a way to "take a bad situation and make it good."

She told the crowd of reporters that her club is a way to thank Greece. "Greece has welcomed so many refugees from Syria, and this is something to celebrate," she said. "I want LOHAN to be a celebration of people coming together." Her aim was to create a space where people from anywhere can have a great time. Even people who don't drink—"We've got hookah," she added. She also told the crowd that some of the club's proceeds will go toward charities for refugee children.

Then she went back inside, and the photographers' attention returned to the arrival of more fancy cars and more dressed-to-the-nines Greek D-listers.

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