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Starbucks Is Being Sued Over Allegedly Not Filling Up Cups All the Way

Two California customers are claiming in court that "Starbucks lattes are approximately 25 percent underfilled."
March 18, 2016, 4:35pm
Photo via Flickr user Calvin W

In the biggest food chain controversy since Subway moved to ensure that its "footlong" sandwiches were actually 12 inches in the wake of a lawsuit, a pair of angry Californian latte drinkers are claiming that Starbucks menus across the country are full of lies.

A class-action lawsuit filed Wednesday by Siera Strumlauf and Benjamin Robles alleges that, contrary to the sizes listed on the menu, "Tall Lattes are not 12 fluid ounces, Grande Lattes are not 16 fluid ounces, and Venti Lattes are not 20 fluid ounces. Starbucks cheats purchasers by providing less fluid ounces in their Lattes than represented. In fact, Starbucks Lattes are approximately 25% underfilled." They say that this is no accident caused by careless baristas, but rather a deliberate strategy handed down from the top in order to save money on milk. The pair is seeking damages on behalf of everyone who has been cheated of those precious ounces of coffee, milk, and foam.

A Starbucks representative told the New York Daily News and other outlets that their beverages aren't all exactly the same size and that they "inform customers of the likelihood of variations."